Ok, so what even is Serbia? Is it a part of Russia?

Nah, Serbia is located on landmass of the Balkan Peninsula which is surrounded by the warm seas (Adriatic, Aegean, and Black) while in the North it leans on the European continent. The northern part of the Republic consists of plains, while the hills and mountains are in the southern part.

Ok so now that we know this, let me prove to you that visiting this little part of Europe would be a complete waste of time, seriously.

First of all Serbia’s really nothing special, full of ordinary stuff.  It’s basically a barren wasteland.

…full of things you see all the time.

house on the Drina River

The architecture is absolutely horrendous. Simply stupid.

Subotica , not Prague honey

Better bring your food , cuz in Serbia there is nothing good to eat.

typical Serbian food

A total of eighteen Roman emperors were born on what is modern day Serbia, that’s just super ordinary, just like these golden fields

field in Vojvodina

Oh yeah, and one of the biggest Christian Orthodox Churches in the world is not a very spectacular thing.

  Church of Saint Sava, Belgrade

These Belgrade sights are pretty overrated.

Old Sava bridge, Belgrade

Art installations in Serbia are drab and awful. I mean who really wants to walk down the Umbrella street in the Serbian capitol?

Kralja Petra Steet, Belgrade

And winters in Serbia are definitely not magical enough.


It doesn’t matter where you look — Serbia always looks the same.

Uvac canyon

And my city? Nis? Pfff , no history, at all.


And the nature…simply boring.

fields on the Zlatibor mountain

And sunsets are nothing special.


Not romantic, at all…

Absolutely not worth your patience…


Admit it you’d rather spend the New Years Eve alone and not with these happy people partying and enjoying an amazing concert.

Serbs don’t even know how to party.


David Guetta, Exit festival, Novi Sad

And monuments and history…whatever.


Why would you visit the dragon roads of Nikola Tesla? He was just another ordinary Serbian dude.

And so is Novak Đoković.

Honestly, you shouldn’t even consider visiting Serbia…ever.

You’ll just wish you were somewhere else. Literally anywhere but here.

Because Serbia totally sucks.

Jana Stajić

Photo credits: Turistička organizacija Srbije, Touropia, Turistička organizacija Niša, Buzzfeed, Super Odmor, Wikipedia