On the 9th of March we visited a workshop in Vienna at one of the oldest newspaper editorials.

We got to talk to Thomas Seiffert about being an objective journalist and about his journeys all around the world, especially the Middle East. While talking about it, we wondered if he ever wanted to get involved in situations where human rights were compromised. He said that reporters had a clear goal and that this was to inform people. Because of that his options to help people are limited.

He also talked a bit about how important it is to have an interesting story. It is the story that makes people want to read and he stated that you can find a story in almost everything. You do not have to be a genius to write a good story, all you have to do is to go out there and see what is really going on. Google and other stuff will not tell you and give you a real picture of what is happening.

One tips he gave us was to begin with an interesting sentence, for example: You know what I heard yesterday…. But one important thing is to always check the information first. If the person is not an expert, the key is to double check with another source to make sure the information is true.
We also wondered what is was like to write to all kinds of people and which age-group he tries to address. The newspaper is both in paper and online so it reaches out to almost everyone that is interested. He told us that he always had to have in mind that all kinds of people read his works, and that is why he adjusts the way he writes based on the readers age group.
One of the good tips he gave us was to always be curios and open minded. That is a really good one if you want to succeed with writing good articles. All considered, it was a great and inspiring day!